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Manuscript Editing & Writing Services

Whether you’re looking for copyediting, developmental editing, or producing a complete book-length manuscript from concept to publication, we can help you create your content. Our clients are fiction authors, educational and business leaders, Olympic champions, physicians, law enforcement, clergy, artists, filmmakers, and more. Our books have sold to major publishers, received prestigious awards, and achieved bestseller status. Fulfill your dream of writing a book! We can help you determine the best way to get your story told and sold.
Experienced in a variety of literary styles, POVs, and genres, from edgy political thrillers and sweeping historical novels to non-fiction titles and memoir, we offer the expertise that combines top-notch writing and editing skills with an intuitive understanding of the creative process. Our services are tailored to the specific needs of the individual author and writing project. Prices are based upon level of service desired and word count of manuscript.
As a developmental editor, book doctor, and ghostwriter, I keep my clients organized, on-track, and focused on finishing their books, even when their day jobs distract them. I approach each project as a creative collaboration designed to bring out my client’s own unique style, voice, and message. My aim is to enhance what’s most compelling about your book idea, while helping you meet the highest professional standards that agents, editors, and readers are looking for. 
–Diane Tyrrel
Manuscript Read & Review: We will read your manuscript with an eye for flow, consistency, organization and plotting, and determine what might be added or removed to make it the best book it can be. Depending on the specific feedback you’re looking for, we will provide an analysis of your project in terms of genre, target audience, and overall concept. After we’ve read and analyzed your manuscript, you’ll receive a letter outlining its strengths and how it might be improved, and our recommended next steps toward publication. Price based on feedback requested and word count of manuscript.
Line Editing and Proofreading: A thorough read-through of a finished manuscript to catch minor errors, spelling mistakes, and typos. 0.8-cents per word and up.
Content Editing: A content edit will offer suggestions and corrections for grammar and punctuation issues, word choice and sentence structure. 2-cents per word and up.
Developmental Editing: This process involves in-depth development of your manuscript, from outline and organization to the particulars of sentence structure and word choice. Once the developmental editing is completed, a final line edit is recommended to clean up any typos. Then you are ready to proceed with publication! 4-cents per word and up.
Ghostwriting: Need someone to help you put your ideas into the written word? Sometimes what you need is a Book Doctor or a Ghostwriter. We’ll help you figure it out. A full book-length manuscript from consultation and outline through first and second drafts, ready for copy edit: $2500 and up.


A partial list of genres and topics of books ghostwritten and edited by Diane Tyrrel: 

Suspense fiction, historical drama, horror, mystery, romance, young adult, LGBT, fantasy, sci-fi, crime fiction. Non-fiction titles include business, self-help, social media, true crime, the arts, psychology, spiritual exploration, biography and memoir. 

Marketing Services
Back Cover Copy: Your book’s back cover copy is an important sales tool. Also known as flap copy, this is what buyers read to see if the concept, characters, setting, or theme appeals to them—and it can help you sell your book. Back cover copy is often used as the book’s description for Amazon and other online retailers. $150 and up.
Press Releases: Let us write a press release for the local, regional, and national media to publicize your book’s release or other news related to your book and you as an author. $100 and up per page.
Summaries, Synopses, Film Treatments, Query Letters: We can help you create these important documents for presenting your work to traditional publishers or the film industry. Prices vary.
Rates based on a survey of 23 professional organizations for writers and editors conducted by Writers Market. Prices subject to review of project scope and requirements. 
Other Services 
We work closely with other professionals to help you carry your project from concept to completion and the destiny you have in mind for it, taking your finished manuscript and giving you back a beautiful book, as well as business support and websites for writers. Let us know how we can help connect you.
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